Friday, October 21, 2011

How To Grow Your Wealth & Income Without Stock Market Risk!

A Best Kept Secret, finally comes to light for many Savvy Investors who are looking for a safer way and place to invest for Retirement!

Mathews Realty Group

Retirement Income Specialists

Self Direct IRA/Solo 401K Plans

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Tax Free Real Estate Purchases Climb

Boosted by lower real estate prices and growing volatility in financial markets, investors are increasing their purchases of tax free real money tree estate investments. Investors are moving away from investing in equities in the stock market and other financials in growing numbers due to a chorus of concerns, including insider trading, automatic machine trading and criminal conduct.

Retired investors are shopping for higher returns and wider diversification to protect their assets from losses. The Investment Retirement Account (IRA) solo 401-K plan is an IRS approved retirement program created for self-employed investors.


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